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Most governments and travel agents will warn against traveling to Baghdad it is one of the most dangerous cities to be in right now. Travel is not recommended. With that being said, if travel to Baghdad were possible, there would be so many things to see there. The city is the capital of Iraq and has some pretty interesting history there. Baghdad has been over 6 million people living in the city now.

The city was first founded in 762 so you can imagine the amount of history that has taken place since then. There are some nice sites to see, the Surrounding Wall has a nice history behind it. The four walls are named Kufa, Basra, Syria and Khurasan. The Golden Gate Palace is located right in the middle of Baghdad in the Central Square. It is hard to miss.

The best times of the year to visit Baghdad is generally in the months of May, September and October. In the months of July and August it gets very hot there around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember Iraq has desert surroundings so sand storms and dust storms are common. The best place to stay while in Baghdad is in the International Zone. You can access the city by a free shuttle bus or you can walk to most of the places in Baghdad

While it is not recommended that you drink the water, bottled water is available. There are plenty of places to shop in the International Zone, there are rugs and DVD's to buy. The food is not recommended either but there are some safe places to eat in the Zone, there is a Buger King, McDonalds and a Subway restaurant.

If you are interested in the arts, there are plenty of places that you can go. The National Theatre of Iraq, though it was looted in 2003, there is plans to restore it. But you can still see the building and some parts of the building may be open. The Iraqi National Orchestra rehearses and still holds performances.

The Al Kadhimain Shrine is located in the northwest section of Baghdad. It is one of the most important Shiite religious sites in the entire country. It was completed in 1515 and the 7th and the 9th Imams were also buried there. The oldest building in Baghdad is the Abbasid Palace. This palace is a huge part of the city's history.


Baghdad Travel

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